Board of Directors

Dennis KoshmiderDennis Koshmider brings an analytical mind and a sense of humor to the board. His gifts help keep camp on track in many ways. Dennis owns and operates a local business along with his father-in-law. Dennis has a gift of working with children and served as youth sponsor at Walnut Creek Mennonite where he attends with his wife, Sonia and their 3 children. Dennis is also the head coach for girls fastpitch softball at Garaway High School.

Marcia SwigerMarcia Swiger I came to this board in order to lend my energy to Christian camping and ministry and to join with believers not in my normal sphere. What I have found is a group of people with whom I have a great appreciation of their heart’s desire, perspective and passion offered to Camp Buckeye as followers of Jesus Christ.

I am joyfully united in marriage to Mark Swiger, who introduced me to God’s great handiwork. My passion to see God’s supernatural hand revealed in this natural world He has given us and curiosity has led me to be involved in introducing others to His marvelous creation in venues that are set before me.

We have a daughter, Hannah, who is a tremendous blessing to our lives. We have home schooled our daughter who is currently attending Malone University. I am currently back in the public classroom as a substitute teacher and my husband is a land manager at MWCD. We actively attend New Hope Ministries of New Philadelphia.

Jayne AbbateJayne Abbate is currently a registered nurse in Akron and lives in Massillon. She has been involved with Camp Buckeye for the past five summers in multiple roles such as a counselor, director, and camp nurse.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that Camp Buckeye is, hands down, Jayne’s favorite place in the entire world.

Buckeye gives its staff the opportunity to become the hands and feet of God and to empower our children to help them learn to love themselves and the Lord.

Jayne is ecstatic to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with a wonderful group of people and to be a part of the future of Camp Buckeye.

Feedback or Suggestions?

The Board of Camp Buckeye welcomes any questions or suggestions regarding the direction of Camp from those of you who support or are otherwise involved in our ministry.

What about you?

Would you consider serving Camp Buckeye as a Board member? If so, visit the details page.