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A week at Camp Buckeye ~

  • Provides a safe place for campers to pull away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
  • Gives a child a chance to enjoy time in God’s beautiful creation without the distractions of social media and electronic devices
  • Allows time for forever friendships to be formed
  • Is more time than an entire year spent in Sunday School
  • Helps to establish solid boundaries in young lives
  • Provides a chance to participate in field games, crafts, swimming, nature study, devotions and singing around a campfire to enrich basic life skills
  • Is a way for campers to learn that they are unique and that God has a plan for their lives
  • Can help to change a child’s life for eternity

Camp Buckeye is a seedbed, a source of growth and development. It is a place that God has prepared for his seeds to be planted; to grow; to flourish. Camp Buckeye is a place where children, counselors, and adults can come and receive God’s word in a natural environment. The seeds may blossom during a week or weekend at Camp, or perhaps many years later. The point is, once God’s word is planted, it will not return to Him empty. “God, Kids, The Woods…..” This is Camp Buckeye.

Wish List

  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Kitchen knives
  • New pot holders
  • Flexible plastic cutting boards
  • Shoe box size containers for craft supplies


Services: construction… repair… mowing…

To donate financially, send checks to:

Camp Buckeye
10055 Camp Road N.W.
Beach City, Ohio 44608