Camp Needs

The following items are needed at Camp:

  • 24’ Extension Ladder
  • 5' Stepladder
  • Snow Shovels
  • Leaf Rakes
  • Brooms
  • Vaccum Cleaner
  • Commercial Trash Can with Lid
  • Gator or Mule utility vehicle
  • Knowledgeable volunteer to help us refinish the Lodge floor
  • Sturdy pond nets with fine mesh netting (2-3)
  • AmScope SE306R-P20 Forward-Mounted Binocular Stereo Microscopes (2-3)
  • Smooth metal pipes/posts 7-8 feet long and at least 1" in diameter  (for bird houses)

Your contributions are tax deductible.  Please contact the camp office before bringing items.  Thank you so much for your generosity!